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COVID-19 Updates and Instructions

To our dear clients and friends:

It has been more than four (4) months since we sheltered in place because of COVID-19. As you know, it means: CO - corona; VI - virus; D - disease; and 19 - year 2019 when it was discovered. We continue to provide excellent service with some limitations on our ability to return your calls immediately. If possible, please send us an email on this website so that we may not miss your concerns and respond timely to your needs.

If you receive anything in the mail and you have a question about it, please drop off the mail in our office then call us or email us about it.

For new clients, please call the office and give us your name and address. We will send you forms that require your signatures on the space indicated. If you need help filling up the forms, please call the office for assistance. You will then return the signed documents together with ALL records regarding your case - letters from the insurance companies and employers, paystubs, W-2's for the year before your date of injury. Upon receipt of the signed forms and records, our office will give you a telephone appointment with one of our attorneys.

WCAB proceedings continue to be by teleconferencing with the unique assigned numbers for each of the judges. For Mandatory Settlement Conferences, Status Conferences and Lien Conferences, injured workers do not need to participate so as not to overburden the telephone lines. Your attorney will call you after the conference if there is a need to.

For regular hearings on the case in chief, injured workers are usually required to call in at about 08:30 AM on the day of the hearing. We will prepare you for your testimony and provide you with the correct telephone number prior to the hearing.

Please continue to stay safe, wear your mask and follow the current health guidelines from the authorities.

Vic R. Redula, esq.

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