The Subsequent Injuries Benefits Trust Fund (SIBTF) is a trust, funded by the state of California, for injured workers who had a previous disability or work injury.  To qualify, a person needs at least 70% permanent disability when combining all injuries and disabilities to their subsequent work injury.  This subsequent work injury has to have a 35% permanent disability before adjusting for age and occupation.  The exception to this 35% rule is if one injures an equal and opposing extremity of their body.  In this case, the threshold becomes much lower at 5% permanent disability.   

For example, if a person was born with a hand disability and then injured his other hand during employment, it is likely he qualifies for SIBTF.  


If you had a previous disability or injury and then had a new work injury, you can apply to this fund.  Our office can help you file the application and help you through the process to qualify.  The state of California pays benefits to those who qualify.  

Call our office if you have had multiple injuries or previous disabilities before your work injury.  We can determine your next steps and whether you may qualify for this benefit.  

Redula & Redula LLP helps injured workers who live and work in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties.  We help injured workers apply for workers’ compensation benefits after work injuries - specific injuries, cumulative trauma (repetitive work injuries), psychiatric injuries, death benefits cases, subsequent injuries benefits trust fund cases (SIBTF), slip and falls, carpal tunnel syndrome.    


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