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Permanent disability benefits (PD) are benefits an injured worker can receive if they have not completely recovered from their work injury.  A person can start receiving PD once he is found to be permanent and stationary (P&S)/reached maximal medical improvement (MMI).  It is a doctor is who determines that status, not the insurance company.      


A primary treating physician (PTP) or evaluator (Qualified Medical Evaluator - QME) gives an injured worker a whole person impairment (WPI) rating for each injured body part and this is adjusted by age and occupation.  


There is a maximum dollar amount a person can receive each week.  This was determined by the legislature and cannot be controlled by the attorneys.    


A person’s permanent disability rating can range from 0% (completely healed) to 100% (total permanent disability).  

There is no pain and suffering benefit in workers' comp.  


If you have questions about PD or workers’ comp, call Redula & Redula and meet with one of our attorneys.  

Redula & Redula LLP helps injured workers who live and work in Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz counties.  We help injured workers apply for workers’ compensation benefits after work injuries - specific injuries, cumulative trauma (repetitive work injuries), psychiatric injuries, death benefits cases, subsequent injuries benefits trust fund cases (SIBTF), slip and falls, carpal tunnel syndrome.    


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