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Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Reposted from an old blog post October 12, 2010

October 12, 2010 When was the last time you saw or talked to your workers' compensation attorney? The most frequent complaint by clients is that his/her attorney never talks to them or never call them back. That is NOT true with our office. Either I or my staff will return our client's call if they follow the following guidelines which we usually explain at the First Meeting with our clients: 1) Call between 08:30 A.M. and 12 Noon; then from 01:30 through 4 P.M., Monday through Friday except on holidays. If you call during this time, there is a good chance that your question will be answered either by me or my staff. If not, we will call you back; 2) Call only if necessary. If you call every time you receive a copy of our letter to the insurance company or its attorney, we will not call you back. The copy sent to you is only a courtesy copy. It will be in English. It is your responsibility to know what it says. Only call us back if the letter was addressed to you asking you to call back; 3) Call at reasonable intervals. Workers' Compensation system is a very slow system. Usually it takes at least 10 days for the defendant to respond. In most cases, the court will allow defendant reasonable time to respond - usually 30 days; 4) If you call and no one answers your call, it is probably lunchtime or all of us were busy at the time you call. If you leave us your name, telephone number and a short message telling us what you need, we will usually return your call within 24 hours except on weekends. If not, it is probably because we did not understand your message, you did not give us your name and your correct telephone number, or we just talked to you and there really is nothing new to tell you. We usually see our client every time there is need to confer with you - for coming medical evaluation, prior to settlement conference or before trial. If you are a client reading this, please print it for future reference. For prospective clients, please compare the above with how your current attorney serves you. It is probably way better!

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