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Do you need a workers' compensation attorney?

Repost from our blog - January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolution Anyone?

Most of us make new year resolutions and resolve to actually do it.  

Let me suggest one more - HIRE A LAWYER IF YOU GET INJURED AT WORK.

If answer NO to any of the following questions, you need a workers' compensation lawyer in my opinion:

  1. Did you get injured more than a month ago and your pain is gone completely?

  2. Do you know what to do if your doctor released you back to work, does not want to see you anymore, and you believe you need further medical care?

  3. If you are receiving temporary disability indemnity, do you know if you are getting paid correctly?

  4. Do you know what to do if temporary disability payments stop?

  5. Do you know what a Qualified Medical Evaluator is?

  6. Do you know when you need a Qualified Medical Evaluator?

  7. Do you know what to do if your prescription medication is denied by the insurance company?

  8. Do you know what to do if the Qualified Medical Examiner writes a report saying that you only sustained 3% WPI?

  9. Did you receive a letter from the insurance company and know what to do?

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