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Happy New Year Everyone!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

Happy New Year Everyone!

    Immediately prior to the end of the year, we attended a Rating Seminar in Monterey to keep us current with new Court decisions.

Renewed and envigorated, we face year 2020 with 20/20 vision on how we can best help injured workers.

    We are a law office of three attorneys, one paralegal and one legal assistant.

    We strive everyday to work hard and respond promptly to challenges in each of our clients' case. 

It starts with a comprehensive New Client Interview which is done mostly by one of our attorneys. Before such interview, we request prospective clients to bring their entire record regarding his/her case - earnings records like W-2's, all printed materials from the defendant employer, letters and notices from the insurance company and medical reports that they may have regarding the injury. We also request that the prospective client bring any and all records regarding prior injury/ies, if any.

    We then attempt to identify the immediate needs of our new client and take steps to reasonably address those needs.

    We work with our clients from the start of our representation through the end of the case. We treat all clients with respect

and as partners in our joint efforts to prosecute each case.

    This year, we will attempt to accept more clients because of our enhanced ability to handle cases.

    We look forward to continue providing excellent service for the injured workers of our community.

By: Vic R. Redula, esq.

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